Thursday, 28 February 2013

Introducing our new teacher, Suzi

Please welcome Suzi to the Glamorgan Kindergarten team of Teachers.

A little bit about Suzi:

"I was born in Otahuhu, Auckland, the youngest of three daughters. We moved to Tauranga when I was a toddler and later to Wellington as a teenager where I trained in Early childhood.  I then travelled extensively working and living in Australia, England and the Solomon Islands.
I have been involved in early childhood for over the last twenty years.  I have worked in kindergartens, home-based education as a co-ordinator liaising closely with Child Youth and Family and as a tutor for P.O.R.S.E.   Several years ago I was a senior teacher for Auckland Kindergarten Association and a professional development facilitator for Auckland Collage of Education, now Auckland University.
Somewhere in the midst of this I spent three years completing my counselling qualifications. This compliments my teaching role well.
I began teaching at Stanmore Bay Kindergarten in term four 2010 after a big move from the Bay of Plenty.  Now I live in Manly and love my life here and being part of the community.  I am passionate about creating healthy, vibrant  sustainable communities and look forward to a partnership that involves children and families.
On a personal note I have four children, Hamish and my 3 grandsons, 2, 4 and 6 who live in Wellington, Simon who lives in Manly, Amanda who lives in Melbourne and Jules who is currently studying with Mighty River Power.  I think I am experiencing the 'empty nest syndrome'!  I have a fabulous dog called Chimo who is my constant companion and the love of my life.  I am passionate about travel and adventure." 

Suzi will be job sharing with Chrissy while she is conducting her post graduate study.  We are so happy to have her working alongside us.   Please introduce yourself when you get a chance.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

There is a digger in our sandpit!

There is a digger in our sandpit!

 What an exciting Friday we had when a digger arrived and started to excavate our sandpit and some of our wild area.
The children where totally absorbed in watching the concrete steps being uplifted, and wooden edging of the sandpit being dismantled and all the sand being moved into the other sandpit into a mountainous pile.

Wow its so close!

This is a learning experience that has once again, provided wonderful opportunities for discussion with children.


 Dayne and Daniel keen a good eye on what the digger is doing, which way it turns, and how long the bucket reaches.


The children watch as a chain is tied to the end of the bucket to help lift the poles right out of the ground.
There are sounds of amazement from the children along with lots of ideas about what's happening. 
Children are always showing us what powerful learners they are as they absorb everything that happens around and in front of them.  They are seeing, sensing and listening, recognising and noticing, thinking, making connections, evaluating, and building on their knowledge and developing their own theories.   This building project has been an invaluable learning experience for us all in various different ways.  

Have you had any conversation at home with your child about the exciting changes that are happening to our outdoor environment or any other happenings?  Tell us about them!
Please feel free to  leave any comments below, we love to hear your feedback.

The sandpit shed is on the move!

The sandpit shed is on the move!

The landscape builders, Dan, Rob and Adam were ready to move the shed, but unfortunately it was a Friday afternoon and none of the children were here to witness it.  So we have a couple of photos for you to share with your children at home.

First Dan used the chainsaw to cut the legs at the base.  Hopefully you will be able to see this on the video.

Then they put ropes around the top and middle and pushed and  pulled the shed till its doors were flat into the sand. 
Then a pipe and other large pieces of wood were put underneath so that it could move over them.  Bit by little bit, the 3 men used all their strength to push and pull once again (which took quite a while) until the whole shed was moved over to the edge.
Once in position, the builders used ropes, crow bars and long pieces of wood to slide the shed down to the new sandpit and place in position.  It wasn't easy... the teachers seemed more nervous than the builders were with visions of someone being squashed, but it eventually slipped  into place, just as planned.   



Monday, 18 February 2013

The progress continues....

The playground continues to develop and so does the children's interest. Children notice the builders using their ear muffs to protect their ears, and so the boys also don their safety gear as the builders use their loud saws and grinders. 

These boys are totally absorbed in the experience of the building project and wearing the ear muffs too, gives them the feeling of being apart of it, as it happens.

The children love to be really close to the work as it happens.
Wynter has pulled his chair right up close
to the fence
Sadie decides that's a good idea and moves her chair
closer to the fence as well.
 These children are all ready for learning as they observe and notice everything that is happening around them.
They are questioning, making links and connections as they recall previous experiences they may have had.  They are building their learning power!  
Have you had any interesting conversations with your child about what's happening at Kindergarten?
Please make a comment and share it with us.  Your feedback is important to us.

 Out comes all the equipment, don all the safety gear, hats, glasses, and ear muffs.
Fill up the builders apron with nails, measuring tape, hammer and level....

now we are ready to work!


What an exciting start to 2013 with the upgrade of our new playground!  

While we were all on holiday over the Christmas period, the landscape builders had been busy deconstructing our old playground and preparing to build a completely new one. The teachers popped by periodically to take photos to share with all the children.  Fencing was erected to keep everyone safe, and this also meant children could still use the sandpit and wild area and while observing what has been happening each day as the building process develops. 

 We have had a variety of machinery, tools and materials being used and laid by carpenters, landscapers and other tradesmen.  The children have been inspired to contribute to small discussion groups and also share their knowledge and ideas during mat times. 
Builder Adam is using a rotary hoe, most children had never seen one of these.

 Each day there has been something new happening which children have been able to view from both inside and outside.
The teachers have supported this interest by engaging in conversations,  encouraging children to ask questions, share their ideas, viewpoints and knowledge with others, think about what they think might happen next, or what is that machine used for or what is the purpose of that tool?    


The children have noticed something interesting happening through the window and Chrissy is supporting their conversation and encouraging them to share their ideas.
Below is the view through the window - a tip truck delivering a pack of wood.