Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ukelele Players


We bet you never knew how talented the Glamorgan Team of teachers were!

We have all signed up to learn how to play the ukulele and now we are taking lessons from a young gentleman ,Panduka Samarasinghe (pictured in the middle) who is patiently teaching us a few chords every few weeks.

Even Dan our landscape builder (who can actually play ukulele very well) came to join in and also joined in on our mat time.   

Please press play on the video below:
Please let us know if you are unable to view the videos

 Your children supported the teachers beautifully with their superb singing of the wheels on the bus.
The next video is the Kindergarten rendition of Ma is White:
 The children have really enjoyed singing along to music being played

We loved having Dan as our guest ukulele player (more of an expert actually)
 Today the children sat with Suzi and Sarah (our student teacher) and played along with various instruments. 
 Suzi accompanied them with the ukelele

Music is a wonderful experience that children love to participate in.  It is expressive and fun and can communicate lots of meanings, expressing ideas and feeling through beats, tones and sounds and also encourage understanding of tempo, playing loudly, softly, fast and slow.   It builds confidence and self esteem and most of all... its FUN!!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

More photos of children and teachers enjoying Purple Cake Day

Looking pretty in purple


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Purple Cake Day

On Friday 8th March, we dressed up in purple in support of the fundraising event to raise money which goes towards children who are less fortunate in our country. 

Nathan with purple spray in his hair

Daniel & Mitchell showing their cool purple hair style


What Fun - purple gloop!

Finley having purple face paint

Lachlan has an awesome cape with purple spots

Oliver - Check out that do! 

Finn - Wow!  ;)

Ronin - getting in on the purple action too

Ava having her hair done below by Dale, doesn't she look stunning!

Keavy contemplating what it feels like to be purple
Karen looks amazing in purple - its so her colour

Chrissy held a special morning mat-time to talk to the children about what Purple Cake day is all about.  The children and teachers all joined in on the conversation and sharing our ideas, knowledge and feelings about how lucky we are compared to some children in the world who are unable to have an education. The children were amazed that some children do not have pens, felts, crayons, paper and toys to play with.
This was a good opportunity for the children to gain a better understanding about the diversity of the world they live in and that we as a community can do something to support and contribute to help their situation. 

Chrissy showed a stick figure person representing the sadness of a child who does not have an education and other basic life necessities.   I must say the mat-time was very quiet as all the children were very engaged in listening to the story behind this child's sadness.

On the other side was a child who after having received our donation, was able to go to school, have pens and paper and learn, just like we do at kindergarten and school.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the Purple Cake Day Fundraising Event.
Nothing but purple joy!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Butterfly Creek Trip February 2013

The following photos made in a power point are unfortunately a little small due to technical difficulties which prevented the size being made large.  However this will also be made available to watch on a laptop at kindergarten.